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About us - Music School in Israel

Muzik - School of Creation and Production is an independent school for music creation and production whose mission is to train, develop, and promote original, creative, and innovative artists, producers, and professionals for careers in the Israeli and international music industry.
Muzik - the music school in Israel is the first music school of its kind in the Middle East and among the first of its kind in the world. Muzik programs emphasize the creative applications of music technology and cover a broad range of subjects that are often essential to creating and producing original music today: composition and songwriting; arrangement and programming; recording, mixing, and mastering; sound design; and acoustics. Muzik seeks to develop within its students the creativity, theoretical knowledge, technical skills, working habits, and personal qualities that will enable them to become self-sufficient artists, producers, and professionals who are at the forefront of their chosen field.
To build successful music careers, it is vital for students not only to receive quality training and produce high-level results, but also to gain the exposure and experience that comes from actually working within the music industry. Muzik makes it a priority to serve as a bridge between students and the industry, and it benefits from close relationships with key players in the Israeli music industry. Built within Muzik’s full program are opportunities for students to work in tandem with representatives of the Israeli music industry at a level that will enable them to implement their knowledge and to make their first industry connections.
Today, over three hundred students study at Muzik - music school of Israel, every year who are committed to grounding themselves in the knowledge, skills, and experience that will enable them to build successful careers in a variety of musical genres and professional areas.

Our musical approach

Technological advances as well as cultural, musical, and historical developments in the past century have dramatically altered and expanded the possibilities for music creation and production in the new millennium. Harmony, rhythm, sound, and technology have all become integral aspects of contemporary musical creation, thus widening the areas with which a successful artist, producer, and music professional must become familiar.
Muzik's innovative programs respond to the needs of todoay's artists, producers, and music professionals, combining intensive studies with hands-on workshops in music theory, ear training, music technology, sound design, acoustics, music history, cultural studies, and dj skills.
Underpinning Muzik programs is a unique musical approach that:
• Challenges students to create original and authentic music through an awareness of diverse musical cultures as well as adherence to the highest artistic and professional standards.
• Encourages students to combine electronic and acoustic instruments in musical creation.
• Presents an alternative to the reigning, traditional approach in music study by emphasizing the significance of African music (rhythm) and its tremendous influence on Western music in the twentieth century.
• Grants as much significance to the rhythm and sound design of musical works as it does to melody and harmony.
• Encourages students to create and adopt a computer-based home studio as the workplace and to transform that workplace into the professional platform for musical creation and production.
• Encourages and challenges students to create conceptually and visually compelling performances for their original music.
• Views the DJ as a musician and performing artist.


Our Firsts

Throughout all of its years of operation, the uniqueness of Muzik has always been in its groundbreaking approach; the pioneering alternatives it offers; its innovative curricula; and its ability to bridge, in a methodical way, the latest and cutting-edge in contemporary music together with traditional music theories.

Muzik - music school of Israel is:

• The first music school in Israel to recognize the potential of the professional home studio and to develop a curriculum for creating music from the home computer.
• The only music school in Israel that presents an alternative to the reigning, traditional approach in music study by emphasizing the significance of African music (rhythm) and its tremendous influence on Western music in the twentieth century.
• The first music school in Israel to view the study of sound as an integral part of music studies.
• The first music school in Israel and among the first in the world for dj’ing.
• The only music school in Israel applying the perspective that views the DJ as a musician and performing artist.
• The music school in Israel that first defined the “DJ-Producer” as an artist and “DJ-Production” as an educational discipline.
• The first and only music school that has enabled the DJ to penetrate the Israeli education system.
• The music school in Israel that has initiated, developed, and implemented programs for advancing at-risk youth through music.


Our history

 The seeds for Muzik were first laid when the "DJ School of Contemporary Music", the forerunner to Muzik, was founded in 1997 in response to the growing need in Israel for a school that specializes in music production and music technology, with an emphasis on electronic music, dj’ing, and home studio production.
Each successive year since its founding, the music school in Israel expanded its curriculum in response to the enthusiasm generated by its pioneering courses and by its unique mission.
In 2002 the DJ School launched its “DJ-Producer” track, a one-year program designed for students aspiring to become dj-producers. This program ran alongside part-time courses in home studio production and DJ skills, as well as special music programs for teenagers.
In 2003 the DJ music School in Israel outgrew its original campus near the Tel Aviv port and moved to a new campus in the center of Tel Aviv, equipped with additional classrooms, a recording studio, state of the art equipment, and dj labs. That same year the DJ School began to develop and operate its three-year program for music creation and production.
To reflect its evolution over the years, the DJ music School of Israel changed its name in 2005 to Muzik – School of Creation and Production.
Muzik fully benefits from the groundwork laid by the DJ School – its personnel, pedagogy, logistics, administration, marketing, infrastructure for student promotion, and networks – while continuing to build and expand.
As a result of its long-standing history in the Israeli music scene, Muzik enjoys strong and extensive networks with central players in the music industry and beyond: musicians, producers, sound professionals, communications people, record companies, record labels, agents, managers, publicists, dj’s, nightclubs, music service companies, sound studios, manufacturers/distributors of musical instruments and studio equipment, academic institutions in Israel and abroad, and more.
Muzik lays years of experience and its vast resources at the disposal of its students.


Our campus - the music school of Israel

Muzik is a creative and nurturing hothouse that broadens the artistic world of the students and stimulates them to approach their craft with a commitment to technical mastery, an awareness of aesthetic and industry standards, and knowledge of trends and developments in the music industry. music school Israeli Students develop a collegiate with other students and artists in which they exchange ideas and form long-lasting professional relationships and friendships.
Muzik is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel’s vibrant metropolis and the heart of the music industry in Israel. Tel Aviv is home to world-class performance halls, museums, and music libraries and to Israel’s hottest nightclubs, cafes, and bars. This city is also host to many musical, cultural, and educational events, all of which broaden opportunities for the students’ professional and artistic growth and enrichment.
The campus is located on Ben Shemen Street, not far from the Azrieli business towers and the Ramat Gan diamond and financial district. Campus facilities include a studio lab configured with high-level equipment and computer software, classrooms outfitted with computers and keyboards, turntable labs, and a performance bar.

Muzik Faculty in music school Israel

The Muzik School faculty is made up of the finest instructors and working professionals in Israel. Members of Muzik faculty are active partners in developing Muzik's challenging and results-oriented curriculum, and consequently, in grooming the next generation of Israeli artists and in contributing to the professionalism, growth, and vibrancy of the Israeli music industry.
Below is a partial list of our faculty:

Ronen Heruti - Director
Ronen planted the seeds of Muzik when he founded the DJ School of Contemporary Music in 1997. He holds a law degree from Tel Aviv University, where he was member of faculty in the Education Department. Ronen is also a DJ, and his passion for music and his dedication to grooming Israel's next generation of artists has driven his goal to create a fully established music school that specializes in music creation and production. Muzik School, the only school of its kind in Israel, is testimony to his success. 

Amit Hecht - Academic Director
Amit's experience working in the arts spans over two decades. He studied film in the US, worked in A & R for several labels, and, prior to co-founding the DJ School, directed musical projects for Music Plus, a company that produces music for Israel film and television. Amit has brought his vast experience in all of the arts to designing Muzik's unique curriculum. In addition to serving as academic supervisor, Amit lectures on the history of music.

Roee Ben Sira - Coordinator, Theory, Harmony and Composition Studies
Roee is an accomplished and versatile composer and pianist. After studying classical and jazz piano at the Thelma Yellin High School of Arts, he pursued his BA studies at Berklee College of Music, where he graduated with highest honors. He has performed around the world as a jazz pianist for a variety of jazz ensembles and has composed original music for Israeli dance and theater companies. 

Ziv Matushka - Coordinator, Sound Design Studies
Ziv is a producer, engineer, programmer, and composer. He has lent his formidable talents to the albums of some of Israel's platinum pop and rock stars, including Barry Sakharov and Shlomo Artzi. In addition to working on his own projects, he seeks to develop young artists in electronic music through his own label, Bonnamusic. He is the two-time winner of the Shades of Dance Award and, when he’s not teaching or producing, he performs his original music live on synthesizers across Israel. 

Ori Lichtik - Coordinator, DJ Studies
Ori’s talents and experience as a drummer have empowered his mastery of the turntables. Ori joined Muzik in 2000 and has developed the track for DJ studies. A virtuoso DJ, he is one of the leading personalities in the Israeli techno scene. He has dj’ed and continues to dj at some of Israel’s leading nightclubs, including TLV, Sofabeat, Dynamo D’vash, as well at a raves and dance parties all over the country.   
Avi Elbaz 
A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Avi has applied his background in classical music to composing electronic music. He is a pioneering instructor of electronic music production in Israel, and he has been instrumental in making electronic music studies a respected component of music education in academia. He teaches advanced sound design at Muzik.  

Eyal Gelder 
Eyal is a dj, producer, and composer. His tracks have been released on local and international labels, among them Ministry of Sound. Hailing from Haifa, Eyal has established himself as one of the leading dj’s in northern Israel, where he is currently resident DJ at Hurva. His six years as broadcaster and editor for Israel Radio have added to his already rich experience in the Israeli music industry. He teaches music production at Muzik. 
DJ Mash   
DJ Mesh is one of Israeli’s hottest hip-hop artists and virtuoso turntablists. He was voted best hip-hop DJ in 2004 at the Israeli Hip-hop Championship. DJ Mesh shares his musical tastes and scratching talents at nightclubs and skateboarding events across Israel as well as in the Muzik classroom, where he teaches advanced DJ skills. 
Eran Sourjon 
Eran is a graduate of the first DJ course offered by the DJ School in 1998. He began spinning in the early 90’s and since then has worked as a dj, teacher, and researcher for dance music in its various expressions, including rock, soul, house, dub, techno and more. He is currently developing a theory of the “groove,” which he teaches and implements in his DJ sets. In addition to teaching and mentoring at Muzik, Eran is the Director of Community Projects at Muzik.

The full time Muzik program

• Writer Performer Vocalist
• Writer Performer Instrumentalist
• Writer Producer

The program is geared to qualify, develop, promote and expose creative musicians, performers, instrumentalists and producers of popular music; to explore the relation between popular music and artistic music; to give the creator the skills and ability to combine art with practicality, creativity with professionalism, technological control with original creation and stylistic independence with high work standards.
The program is aimed for students with musical talent, background and creativity who aspire to be professional full time musicians, prepared to devote their best efforts throughout three years of intensive studies in order to become earning musicians that make music their career.
The study program is structured by general modules that are taught to all Muzik students and modules that are structured specifically for every discipline.  
The first year is structured mostly from collective studies for all narratives, and its main intention is to provide every student with the necessary knowledge and tools of music and production foundations through classes, practical workshops and playing groups in order to drive students to write, create, arrange and produce music.
The specialized classes each discipline throughout the first year are as follow:

Writer Producer Writer performer Vocalist Writer performer instrumentalist
Turntabalism Vocal technical development Foundations of playing in a group
Technical ear training Lyrics writing Intro to free improve

The second year is designed to allow students to apply and experience in practice all the knowledge they have acquired in the first year. The students are asked to deliver musical products that are backed by a musical rational, a concept and a targeted audience whilst keeping artistic and professional industry standards. The collective disciplines' classes in this year include courses and workshops in the fields of music theory, performance, ear training, composition, arrangement, recording, studio work, programming, mix and production skills.

The specialized classes for each discipline throughout the second year are educated in two formats:

• Musical Groups - through the group's sessions, students develop their performing and composing skills in real time. The groups are based on the principle that all the music they perform and play is original music, written by the students in a challenging and demanding work progress. The group's work is aimed towards mandatory live performances.
• Group Projects - the projects are aimed to allow students to apply all the skills they develop throughout the course- composition, arrangement, performance, recording and the ability to finish the project. These assignments are a year long projects that are based on students compositions to specific briefs in different subjects, the projects are expected to be executed in professional standards.